Dementia Care

We are experienced in supporting people living with dementia and their carers.

Our services include:

Weekly respite sessions

These sessions are typically 2-4 hours long but can be as long as you need to give you that much-needed respite. We will take over all the things you would normally do as a carer for the person you are looking after. This gives you time to rest, to recharge, to engage in social activities, meet friends, exercise, go shopping etc. Whilst having Peace of Mind that your loved one is being well cared for, by our team that truly care and understand. Give our team a call today to discuss how we can help.

Respite sessions include 'Rolling Respite' which is funded by Social Services after a Carers Assessment

Community Socialisation

We also deliver support in the community through our projects Time for You.

Overnight Respite

We can take over from you at night times to give you a peaceful and uninterrupted night. These are called 'Wake and Watch' where our care workers stay awake and alert all night to respond to any care needs and ensure the safety of an individual who may wake repeatedly through the night. Our other service is an "Overnight Sleep", where a care worker is on hand but asleep through the night but able to assist in the event the individual needs support.

A Proper Break Fund


This fund provides a free 2 hours weekly respite care for carers. The criteria are set by the funder:

1. Carer lives in the Ribble Valley

2. Carer is supporting a person with dementia

3. No other support is being accessed

This fund is only available for a short-term period until the carer has access to further long-term services, for example, Rolling Respite. We also have limited availability and there may be a waiting list if there are already a number of people using the fund.

Personal Care

We can also assist with washing, dressing, toileting, medication and other daily personal care. This may be anything from once a week to four times a day every day.

Emotional Support

Part of our ethos as a charity is Caring for Carers and the reason that our charity was established 30 years ago. We will support you both practically and emotionally to ensure that you can continue to be able to care for your loved one. Our dementia community projects, especially Time for You, offers an opportunity to meet with other carers and to share with each other.

All the above services are tailored to your individual situation. We work with you and the person with dementia to ensure that the support meets both your needs.


Dementia Community Projects


Time for You 

Supporting People with Dementia Tips

Drop the questions

Stop asking the person with dementia what the names of people are if this is something they struggle with. Trying to get them to remember won’t help, but can cause distress and frustration. Instead provide the name for them, giving that extra bit of information they are struggling to remember, such as “Your hairdresser, Annie, is coming tomorrow”, rather than “Do you remember who’s coming tomorrow? It’s your hairdresser. What’s her name? You must remember her name; she’s been cutting your hair for years.” By stopping quizzing, we can make life better for the person with dementia; no-one wants to be quizzed everyday on impossible questions!

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