Field Nurse

Field Nurse - Drop in Wellbeing Clinics supporting the Rural Community

The Field Nurse Trust was set-up in 2016 by a collective of local individuals with a common purpose of reducing the identified risks physical and mental health of those living in rural areas.

What to expect when seen at the Drop-In clinic?

Our clinic is open to anyone from the rural community and visiting the farmers' auction markets. The clinics are clearly signposted at the auction site. We are open at Gisburn 10-2 on Thursday and Saturdays and Clitheroe 10-2 on Tuesdays. 

You will be seen by an experienced registered nurse and you can be assured of complete confidentiality.

Our Field Nurse will be able to perform basic physical health checks like blood pressure and give advice about other health problems. They will be able to signpost or refer to other services depending on the need of the individual.

About the Project

The project has been supported by the community, for the community. Funds have been raised in tribute and memory to local young farmer and Farmer’s Guardian reporter, Louise Hartley. We are also grateful to the East Lancashire CCG for their support. 

“Farmers are busy people and generally stoical about ill health. Many can be a little stubborn about seeking help for their health worries which in turn can mean problems can easily become more serious, simply because they have not sought professional help earlier. “With Field Nurse they do not need to make an appointment, just dropping in. Some simply want a chat, and it is surprising what we can learn about their physical and mental health in the process. We also have the advantage that we are not limited by the 10 minutes appointment used by most GPs. “We can carry out simple checks such as taking blood pressure. We are certainly not a substitute for GPs or other health professionals. “While we will be there on normal market days, Thursday at Gisburn and Tuesday at Clitheroe we will also open for some special days such as the big sheep sales where many farmers come in from more remote areas.”

Field Nurse

“I think Field Nurse is brilliant. I dropped in because I was concerned about high blood pressure and they referred me to my own doctor who advised me to monitor my pressure. Now I drop-in the clinic when I come to Gisburn mart and the nurses check it for me. I much prefer doing this than having to make appointments with my GP and local health centre.


“It’s such a good idea, we are a stubborn lot and won’t go out of our way to see a doctor. We’d rather just put up with it and get on with farming. Now I can sell my cows and get a check-up at the same time. The field nurse is a grand lass.”


The aims and objectives of this project are:

To deliver an innovative health and wellbeing clinic at Farmers Auction Markets

To increase engagement with the hard to reach farming sector of the rural community in the Ribble Valley

To improve accessibility of the health service through location and personnel

To decrease social isolation and suicide rates by raising awareness of mental health issues in rural communities 

To improve mental and physical health

To improve awareness of local and national health and wellbeing services