Our People

We are proud of our team; they are what makes Crossroads special. Our team stay with us, indeed our longest members have been with us 19 and 17 years respectively!

When we recruit new staff we are looking for people whose values match ours – although skills are a bonus, we can teach skills. What can’t be taught is values.

For this reason, we are very selective and will interview thoroughly to ensure new members to the team will deliver the care, compassion, dignity and respect that all our clients deserve. We invite clients to join us on our interview panel. Please get in touch if you would be interested in being part of our interview panel.

Our organisation is governed by a board of volunteer trustees and operationally by our manager Jane Williamson.

Jane Williamson (CEO)

Jane is an experienced social care leader, bringing a wealth of business development skills to grow our charity and meet future care needs, as well as embedding our values throughout our organisation overseeing everything on a day to day basis. She is also a compassionate listener, able to empathise with people’s difficult times and enable support to help meet these unmet needs.

Grace Hore (Finance Manager)

Grace’s Scottish brogue will be instantly recognisable on the phone. Grace has dedicated two decades working tirelessly for Crossroads and is a fountain of knowledge on clients, care workers, supporters and projects throughout our history. With today's challenges in social care funding, Grace keeps a close eye on our finances, ensuring we continue to be able to support hundreds of people in need across the Ribble Valley. For carers and clients who are unsure about Rolling Respite, Free funding and costs of care then Grace is a great resource of support.

Julie Ellis (Rota Coordinator)

Julie brings the needs of clients and Carer Support Workers together, ensuring that there is continuity of care. Julie will move heaven and earth to help our clients in need and is great at problem-solving tricky diary planning! Julie is a great listener and can guide telephone conversations from stressed families and people needing urgent assistance, into real support, plan and action giving reassurance and confidence. Julie coordinates all the assessments and home visits with our Senior Practitioners and Manager ensuring we always deliver on our promises. When a client needs a rapid service start, Julie will pull out all the stops. Julie also supports our Manager in her role.

Pam Highton, Anne Mayoh, Sheila Jackson, Cath Metcalfe (Senior Care Practitioners) 

Our experienced care practitioners are at the forefront of delivering care themselves as well as carrying out client assessments, reviews, observations, liaising with Occupational Therapy and more. They play a core role in our Care Team and are a source of much knowledge and advice. 

Senior Carer Support Workers and Carer Support Workers

Our Carer Support Workers truly want to care and they tend to stay with us for a long time! Our longest serving Carer Support Workers has been with us 17 years. When new staff come for an interview, most often it is because they’ve spoken to a team member whose told them we are a good employer, look after their staff and believe in real care for the clients we support.

Our Carer Support Workers all have continuous training and development, with dementia and end of life care key to their specialities.

Meet our Trustees

I'm not worried when you send a new member of staff. If she works for Crossroads, then that's all I need to know.


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Jane Williamson

Jane Williamson

I don't know where you find your staff from. All of them, every single one, are amazing. So caring. Simply brilliant. We can't say enough good things about the girls.


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