Our Values

Ribble Valley Crossroads Care is very special due to our people and the core values that are shown throughout our organisation. We have excellent partnership relationships with social workers, district nurses, GPs, OTs, NHS Falls Team and many other professionals. 

This year our team actively worked together to establish the key values that are reflected through our work, attitudes and behaviours. These are:

Compassion – we care deeply and empathise with those we support

Quality – throughout all our work, we strive for high quality and professionalism. We have made the Social Care Commitment, work closely with Skills for Care and all employees have individual learning and development plans to ensure quality is maintained. Regular observations and supervisions also ensure that quality in monitored. 

Skill – our people are trained, equipped and supported for life’s difficult situations, supporting loved ones with dementia, to supporting young families with challenging lives, to being there at the end of life. We have over 25 training sessions that all staff undertake, the majority of which are face to face workshops which ensures maximum learning, peer sharing, individual tailored training and end assessments to demonstrate knowledge. All practical competencies are assessed in the field on a regular basis. 

Trust – we are privileged to share people’s lives and confidences; with this, comes trust, reliability and confidentiality. Our staff work hard to ensure that they are true to their promises and we follow the Duty of Candour should something not be possible or go as planned. Honesty is key to maintaining trust.

Respect – respect and dignity are essential and are at the heart of our care. One of our training sessions covers Dignity in Care and employees are given the opportunity to become Dignity Champions. We currently have 10 dignity champions.

Innovation - Care services are changing. Demography, personalisation and funding issues have all come together to transform social care. Within this transformation, there is a need to understand the underlying reasons for change and to respond to them in positive, creative and dynamic ways. This means new projects are continuously being developed in response to changing needs. We are also monitoring and pro-actively improving our IT systems using innovative methods.

The Social Care Commitment

We are also signed up to This Social Care Commitment. This is the sector's promise to provide people who need care and support with high-quality services.
By signing up to the commitment we are pledging to continually strive to deliver high-quality care, ensuring the public can have confidence in the care and support we offer.

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Dignity in Care

We are part of a nationwide movement, working individually and collectively, to ensure people have a good experience of care when they need it.

The campaign's core values are about having dignity in our hearts minds and actions, changing the culture of care services and placing a greater emphasis on improving the quality of care and the experience of citizens using services including NHS hospitals, community services, care homes and home support services.

NICE Guidelines

We also adhere to the NICE guidelines for Good Home Care. You can download the quick guide Good Home Care here.