Subject Access Request

Ribble Valley Crossroads Care has provided a template letter to people we may wish to request access to their data. You are not obliged to use the template letter and you may ask Ribble Valley Crossroads Care in writing by any means for access to their Personal Data. You don't need to use any particular form of words to make a Subject Access Request. Photo ID will be requested on receipt of a subject access request and the Subject Access policy and procedure followed.

The following template letter can be emailed via word if that is preferred.

Template Letter

Mrs Jane Williamson, Data Privacy Officer, Ribble Valley Crossroads Care

1st Floor, Dugdale Nutrition Bellman Mill, Salthill Lancashire

Clitheroe BB7 1QW



Dear Mrs  Jane Williamson

Subject Access Request under the General Data Protection Regulation 2016

I am writing to make a Data Subject Access Request pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation 2016.

Scope  of Request

[This is a general request that relates to any personal data processed about me by or on behalf of Ribble Valley Crossroads Care].


I only require information in respect of the following:

[Insert any information you think would help us to find what you are seeking, or let us know if there is something in particular, you require]

[Locating  the data]

[Please only provide documents and emails that were created and/or sent between [Insert date range].] [Please only provide emails that were sent between [Insert names].]

Yours sincerely


[Please enter your full name]


If you have any queries, please contact Jane Williamson on 01200 422014.